Check websites for technical SEO

Almost all websites have one or the other flaws, and this is quite a common thing. Website audits with several tools could verify the proper functioning. This process could be automated, and the reports could help make the website appear more useful. Missing H Tags, duplicate content, lower page speed are few of the technical issues of a site that has to be taken care. Avoiding page errors is very crucial to stay on top of page rankings. Crawl reports should be run every month. We asked Paul from Are You On Page 1. HTTPS protocols need to be used to stay in the limelight for users and to be visible for search engines. Keep a check of the SSL certificate for the correctness and ensure its validity. Errors in the Google search console need to be cleared as and when they arise. Create a sitemap of the site while sticking to the XML sitemap protocol. This could help the crawlers in ranking the website rightly. Website loading time is crucial; test speed using the Google page speed tool. The landing page should load faster so that the search engines feel welcome in bringing users here. Ideally, the loading time should be less than 3 seconds and should make changes if otherwise.

How Technical SEO could help in page ranking

Getting solid, quality content in a website is not enough in these days of a digital rat race. The website should be search engine friendly, and for this, several technical aspects need to be fulfilled. Since the website itself needs to be marketed in order to get users engaged in the content, technical SEO is vital. Page errors, website optimization, content issues all need to be addressed for the website to appear in the top results on Google search. Site crawls help find errors in page title, poor keywords, duplicated content, broken or dead links and low-quality images. Sitemaps should be registered in Google search console with updated content or add it in the robots.txt file following the XML sitemap protocols. The website should be mobile friendly and have a fast loading time for better rankings. Titles, keywords, tags, and meta should be Google friendly. HTTPS is another crucial protocol that is often underseen, make sure the website follows the secure protocol to be in the search engine’s chartbusters list. Listing the page on different websites helps with backlinking. Auditing the backlinks could give insight on how to improve keywording strategy. After fixing all the issues of a technical SEO audit, Google can be requested to re-crawl the website.